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Production process

Cigarette production process consists of the following main steps:

First, raw materials including a variety of tobacco leaves and stems are mechanically shredded to become tobacco cuts and then stored within a regulated period.

In the next step, tobacco cuts are rolled into cigarettes paper and cut to desired length.

The final step is packaging, completed cigarettes are packed into packages and sealed. Finished products are stored in warehouses before being distributed to customers.     


Tobacco lamina are passed through a series of treatment, including: slicing, casing and conditioning, blending, cutting and drying.

At the same time, tobacco stems are processed in parallel with the tobacco leaves processing line. The process consists of following main steps: moisturizing, conditioning, cutting, expanding and drying.

After being processed, tobacco lamina and stems are then blended together for flavoring and packing.  


Tobacco cuts are fed into maker and then proceeded to filters process (for filter cigarettes only). These cigarettes are continued being pass through to packer, stamper, wrapper, boxer and over-wrapper. Finally, finished cigarette packs are sealed in carton boxes and stored in warehouse before distributing to customers.