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Operational capacity

Saigon Tobacco Company is a subsidiary of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation and operates with an independent accounting system, our main business is producing and trading of cigarettes. We are one of the leading businesses in Vietnam’s tobacco manufacturing industry in terms of productivity, quality, social and economic efficiency. Our products are sold domestically and exported to many countries.

We have an experienced and skilled group of office staff and technical workers. Currently, our company employs nearly 2,200 employees with 13.2% of which have graduate or post-graduate degree; 2.4% of which have college degree and employees with technical degree accounted for 7%.

Our company has a network of nearly 120 distributors and partners along with teams of professional and dedicated sales staff to promote and supply our products to every provinces of Vietnam.

Our company employs a strategy of dividing the domestic market into sectors based on regional characteristics in order to manage and regulate sale activities. Investment for market development and pricing policies are also implemented in sectors accordingly. With a sales network distributed extensively at every region, our products are easily found and sold at many retail outlets all over the country.

In terms of export performance, we are the leading member of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation in both production and export value. Saigon Tobacco Company’s products have been exported to many countries in the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Central America...

In terms of product structure, our company currently has more than 50 brands which are divided into 3 price segments: the premium, mid-range and low end products. The premium brands such as SAIGON Xanh, SAIGON Classic, SAIGON Special, VINATABA ... accounted for 5% of the products; while the mid-range brands such as: SAIGON Gold, SAIGON Silver, HOA BINH, COTAB, VITAB, YOUNG STAR ... accounted for 59% and popular brands such as: FASOL, ERA, MELIA, DULICH, DALAT, TAYDO ... accounted for the remaining 36% of total products.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

To strengthen our brand and reputation, Vinataba Saigon has built and implemented a quality management system as per ISO 9001: 2015 standards. Our quality management processes are enforced in a consistent and thorough manner following the principle of "Total quality control".

Our products are checked, assessed and monitored at every steps from raw materials to finished products using many quality indicators, chemical experiments and specialized equipment. During the manufacturing process, any product or semi-finished product that does not meet standards will be detected, rejected and analyzed for cause and corrective measures.

Our company's products are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines and tightly controlled to maintain the highest quality. In addition, the Tar and Nicotine content in our cigarettes is complied with the levels regulated by the Ministry of Health to ensure food safety and hygiene.

In terms of technological applications and innovations, Vinataba Saigon is one of the leaders in the industry. We are focused on investing for more efficient machinery & equipment. Our company currently uses: tobacco primary processing lines with a capacity of 6 tons / hour and cigarettes packing lines Decoufle - Focke with the speed of 400 packs / minute. These investments have greatly helped to improve product quality, reduce material waste and production costs.

A large quantity of assembly lines, plus a team of skilled and experienced workers who have actively built, renovated the existing machinery have helped Vinataba Saigon to meet the ever-increasing demand of domestic and foreign markets. As a result, production output has been constantly increasing over the years.

Our company also pays great attention to environmental protection and efficient energy use. To ensure that our production process is environmentally friendly, we have set out many commitments to control emissions arising during the manufacturing process and invested in environmental treatment technology and equipment, such as:

  • Odor treatment system Tholander (Germany) using bio-filter with a capacity of 60,000m3 / hour. The results of emission after treatment are all within the limits permitted by QCVN 19:2009/BTNMT (column B) and QCVN 20:2009/BTNMT (column B).
  • The up-to-date dust filter system attached with production lines help to improve the working conditions for workers and reduce environmental pollution to below regulatory limit.
  • Wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 670m3 / day: wastewater is treated locally to meet required specifications before passing to Vinh Loc Industrial Zone’s Technical center of environment and water treatment.  

In addition, we have also implemented many initiatives under the Green Growth Strategy such as applying barcode on bulbs, using energy-saving lamps and solar-powered lights, carrying out project "Conversion from FO fuel to Biomass fuel for steam supply”...