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Vinataba Saigon Veterans Committee participated in Singing Contest for Veterans in Binh Chanh Dist. 2016

04 Oct, 2016 – Implementation of Plan No.22/KH-CCB dated 04.07.2016 of the Binh Chanh District Veterans Committee about participating in "The 3rd Veterans’ Singing Contest – 2016".

Recently, Binh Chanh District’s Veterans Committee had successfully organized the “3rd Veterans’ Singing Contest – 2016”, with the participation of many memberships within Binh Chanh District. The contest had created an opportunity for veterans to meet and exchange experiences as well as ideas, thereby helped to promote cultural activities between memberships. With the motto “live happily, live healthily, live usefully”, the event had contributed greatly to the movement of “Exemplary Veterans”.     

The acts in the contest were performed to express honor to disabled veterans & heroes, respect and gratitude for the Party, President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam People’s Army, who had lead Vietnam to liberation and unification, and still continue to help build and protect the country today.   

Vinataba Saigon Veterans Committee had participated with 04 acts and collected many prizes:

  • Solo Act: first place (Mr. Buu Hiep) and third place (Mr. Tuan Anh).
  • Duet, Group: first place and second place.


First prize winning performance of Vinataba Saigon Veterans Committee

Vinataba Saigon Veterans Committee receive the award for first place