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85-year Journey

Sharing social responsibility

For years, the charitable social activities in Sai Gon Tobacco Company have become corporate culture and tradition - which means profound humanitarian, expressing heart and noble gesture of VINATABA Sai Gon staff who are community-oriented with highest social responsibility.


Contribute salary to donate housing for the poor

Mr. Nguyen Dang Tien, Chairman of Company Labor Union said at the workers conference that annually, the Company put one more criterion into the annual resolutions: the number of houses built of gratitude - love and other charitable contributions. In particular, besides Company's contributions, there is also contribution of the employees from the units, departments, workshops through the Labor Union of departments. Each department union has different models and modes of movement to attract the resources for contribution to this activity. In particular, the movement to call for contribution to the construction of houses of gratitude and sentiment for families under preferential treatment policy, poor families in local and remote areas, and old war site, etc. receive much contribution from the staff. Every year, each department union registers specific content and targets. The unit Labor Union with largest number of union members such as pack winding workshops (previously soft and hard pack workshop) and business unit  register 2 to 3 houses of gratitude; The unit Labor Union with small number of union members such as yarn factory, material warehouse, Service unit registered one house. Then all the staffs get in agreement and contribute their monthly salary after Pay period or partly deduct an amount of money from the bonus in holidays to contribute to the fund. In addition, the staffs are also called to make sudden contribution to assist to the victims of natural disasters, funding to the poor, funding for Truong Sa to support fisheries inspection forces and marine police (in 2014), etc. Results: In 5 years (from 2009 to 2013), the company has contributed 23.832 billion VND to charitable work. In particular, the Company contributed 69 houses built of love, the camaraderie-solidarity houses and 393 houses of gratitude worth 13.999 billion VND. Other social and charitable activities such as Fund for the poor in the districts (districts 5, Tan Binh, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh Districts), supporting the poor, support Vietnam Red Cross association in storms, flood and disaster, etc. with the amount of 9,833 billion VND. 


In recent years, the Company Labor Union has put an emphasis on the activities of life care, management and protection of the legitimate rights, interests, and the legitimacy for workers and employees. The Labor Union has coordinated with Authorities at all levels to establish and enhance the operation mechanism, the provisions on regulations, discipline, safety, fire prevention, regulation of wage and bonuses distribution, and at the same time, along with other units and factories in the company to reorganize production shifts and arrange labour logically to satisfy employees' needs of job and stable income. In the 5 years from 2009 to 2013, the income of workers is growing, from 6.3 to 12.1 million VND per person monthly. The implementation of labor policy following the Resolution of annual workers Conference and commitment terms of the labour agreement is tracked and collaboratively implemented by Company Labor Union, which ensure public transparency and full benefits for employees regarding the regime policy of salary, bonuses, health insurance and social insurance. The Company regularly organizes medical care at spot for all officers, employees and medical payments in case of dangerous diseases. In order to improve workers and employees' health so that they can work with highest efficiency and performance, in recent years, the company has paid constant attention and investment to facilities for the canteen with gradually increasing quality. Everyday, thousands of mid-shift meals with 10-dish buffet are served at the price of 16,500 VND per shift. The officers and the staff are always pleased with attitude, ways of serving, and quality of meals.

Another cultural charm marked by the sentiment in Sai Gon VINATABA for years is birthday wishing to officers and employees with gifts worth 300,000 VND. In addition, each retires or incapable officer and employee are also receiving gift as a 5-million trip. Every year, the Labor Union also recommends extraordinary allowance for officials and employees who are in trouble. In the past years, there are 1,778 officers and employees entitled under the subsidy policy with the amount of nearly 900 million VND. In addition, 510 officers and staff make loan of more than 4 billion to repair and do anti-leaking for their houses. Feminine occupations also receive much care from the Labor Union with lots of practical activities for women. Thereby, the female employees in the Company always trust, feel ensured and contribute positively to the activities and movements of workers and employees launched by the Labor Union. 

In the past 5 years under the direction of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors through the activities of the organizations expressed solidarity and a sense of social responsibility of the staffs. Thanks to the Company's resources and advocacy through contribution of employees, the Company has built 393 houses of gratitude, 69 houses of love, solidarity house, teammate affection house to the families under referential policies, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, poor and ethnic minority households, etc. in the local areas across the country. At the same time the company received life care for 12 Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and three seriously wounded with a grant from 400 to 500 thousand VND/ month.